Awesome video of The Flash tapping into the speed force.

The Fastest Man Alive

I would like to start this post by declaring that even the cover of the first Flash issue is great. It isn’t mind-blowing, but out of all of my comics so far, this is the one that sticks out. In addition, I love The Flash! I have had various friends ask me why he is in the Justice League or how someone who can only run fast can manage to be a super hero. The Flash manages to do so much with what he is given. He can vibrate so fast that he can pass through solid objects, run on water, he can actually fly by running on air, and when moving fast, slight taps of his fingers can equal knock-out punches.

I really liked the first issue of The Flash not just because I find him to be a powerful hero, but because there is more to it than him simply being The Flash. Not unlike The Spectre, Barry Allen works for the police force. At least in the first issue, a good portion of the story is about Barry Allen’s time spent at work rather than his time running all over the city. It gives some much needed variety between super hero sections. 

I have been enjoying the cliff hangers at the ends of the New 52 comics because it promises a story arch. While there is nothing wrong with issues containing isolated stories, I find there is much more of an incentive to buy the next issue when the current one ends in such a way that it leaves you wanting to know how it ends/continues. It also allows the use of much cooler villains who can’t be dealt with in one single issue.

Overall, I feel like The Flash is a promising series. One issue is a little difficult to judge a series by, but it ended with an air of mystery, which is something that I very much enjoy.

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The REAL Spirit of Vengeance

I won’t lie. I have fallen a little bit behind in my readings as far as comic books go. Can you blame me? I’m a full time student with finals fast approaching, so bear with me as I stick with some earlier issues. But let me tell you a secret. I would drop all of my homework if DC Comics decided to continue my favorite super hero series: The Spectre!

Who is the Spectre? He’s the dude who is my profile icon. Pale skin, green cape, glowing eyes. The Spectre is the personification of justice, the embodiment of God’s wrath. And no, I don’t mean that he just throws on a costume and claims to do the dirty work of God. The Spectre is more like a ghost with unbelievable power, but he must inhabit a human host. It is the Spectre’s job to punish the wicked mortals on Eath, usually in ironic or very inventive ways. For example, he exacts justice on a puppeteer by having his puppets come to life and attack him. To death.

Yeah, the Spectre kills people. Without any problem. And his powers are virtually unlimited. He’s sort of an anti-hero, as he does technically bad things for a good cause. Quite often, The Spectre is used as a get-out-of-jail-free card for when a particularly powerful enemy presents itself, such as Eclipso or Paralax. The Spectre is always there to defeat the bad guys that literally no one else can.

I really enjoyed the old comic books because even though The Spectre was so powerful, it wasn’t all about defeating an enemy like most other comic books. Instead, a lot of the story was the bonding between The Spectre and the human host.

I am excited to see if The Spectre pops up in The New 52 at some point, but I would be so much more excited to have a brand new Spectre. This is the chance for DC Comics to reinvent the character, tone down his powers if they want, and give him a new host. But alas, I feel that this will only ever be a dream…

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I am vengeance, I am the night, I am…

Batman! Still haven’t read Justice League? Go read it! But until then, I would like to talk a little about Batman #1 of The New 52. Batman is a little difficult to get into right off the bad because there are a handful. Should you get plain Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, or The Dark Knight? On top of that, there’s a bunch of other Batman related comics such as Catwoman and Nightwing. I can’t vouch for any of the others except for generic Batman, but I am looking into catching up on The Dark Knight.

Batman hasn’t changed much, really. Same Bruce Wayne, same gloominess, and pretty much the same gadgets, except Bruce has a very cool contact lens that lets him access the Bat Cave computer. We also get an introduction to Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, and Tim Drake, who are Nightwing, Robin, and Red Robin respectively. 

What makes this series promising is not so much the great artwork or nostalgia-inducing montage of Batman’s well-known enemies, but rather the breath of fresh air that is Batman’s focus in the story. From here on, I may spoil some things, so come back if you have not read through the first comic. Overall, I will tell you now, this is a fun read and I really look forward to continuing this story arch.





Batman has…a new enemy! A NEW enemy. Thank God. I love The Joker as much as the next guy, but holy crap how many times can you see Batman put away the same tired criminals? I have found that The New 52 comics have often left me with a spine-chilling feeling as I finish each issue, and this comic is no exception. I won’t tell you who it is yet, but when Batman investigates a particularly gruesome murder, the throwing knives used against the victim have owls engraved onto the hilts. If you didn’t know, owls and bats do not always get along. And as for that spine-chilling effect, the skin cells under the dead victim’s nails…match the DNA of Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing. Sorry if I spoiled anything, but you probably should have stopped reading up above when I warned you. I am very excited to see how this story plays out, as well as learn more about this new villain. Could it really be Dick Grayson? Or is it someone far more sinister? You never can fully know how far the roots of evil reach in Gotham City.

Introducing…The new Justice League!

We begin with The Justice League Issue #1. Now, if you have been around comics for a long time, you probably know all about the Justice League, but for those of you who are new to comics completely, you should know that the Justice League is the partnership between some of the most powerful superheroes in the world. The main members include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and unfortunately, Aquaman. Cyborg is also part of the Justice League, and he seems to play a larger role in the New 52, which is more than I could say about some of the old Justice League members. 

Now, if you are looking for a fun and action-y type of comic book, I would highly recommend the Justice League. I say this because you get a taste of plenty of the best heroes that DC Comics has to offer. Unfortunately, by sticking to this series alone, you will miss a lot of the origin stories and the rise of the characters within.

I am enjoying this series the most out of the New 52 series. It has a lot of action right off the bat. In addition, it introduces one of the cooler villains in the DC Comics universe, but I won’t spoil who it is quite yet. Each issue, up to #6 (I believe) introduces one of the new heroes, and as each hero is introduced, they band together until the main league members are all present, meeting for the first time.

There are some particularly exciting battles in the first few issues, including one between Green Lantern and The Flash against Superman.

Because this is my first post on the Justice League, I will let you decide whether you want to read it before I go and spoil anything. Again, I highly recommend spending a few bucks on the first issues of this series, especially if you like action and neat villains!


I am dedicating my first post as a welcome to all. 

So, Review52 will be my blog dedicated to reviewing the New 52 series that has recently been created by DC Comics. Now, now, I know that if you are an old-school comic book geek you are probably rolling your eyes and scoffing, possibly while throwing your hands up helplessly into the air. New 52 sucks, right? I mean, that’s what all of the elitist comic book fans are telling you and saying on their own blogs, so it must be true. Wrong! At least, in my opinion they are wrong. I won’t go around saying that every series is interesting, but I have found some of them to be more than just fun, but moving as well.

I can’t promise that I will be able to find the time, or the money, to keep up with every single series each week, but I will try to pick a few that I find are very well done. I can promise you that the new Justice League series will be one of them, with a few others when possible.

And on that note, I bid you farewell and welcome to Review52!