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The Fastest Man Alive

I would like to start this post by declaring that even the cover of the first Flash issue is great. It isn’t mind-blowing, but out of all of my comics so far, this is the one that sticks out. In addition, I love The Flash! I have had various friends ask me why he is in the Justice League or how someone who can only run fast can manage to be a super hero. The Flash manages to do so much with what he is given. He can vibrate so fast that he can pass through solid objects, run on water, he can actually fly by running on air, and when moving fast, slight taps of his fingers can equal knock-out punches.

I really liked the first issue of The Flash not just because I find him to be a powerful hero, but because there is more to it than him simply being The Flash. Not unlike The Spectre, Barry Allen works for the police force. At least in the first issue, a good portion of the story is about Barry Allen’s time spent at work rather than his time running all over the city. It gives some much needed variety between super hero sections. 

I have been enjoying the cliff hangers at the ends of the New 52 comics because it promises a story arch. While there is nothing wrong with issues containing isolated stories, I find there is much more of an incentive to buy the next issue when the current one ends in such a way that it leaves you wanting to know how it ends/continues. It also allows the use of much cooler villains who can’t be dealt with in one single issue.

Overall, I feel like The Flash is a promising series. One issue is a little difficult to judge a series by, but it ended with an air of mystery, which is something that I very much enjoy.

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